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  • "Farewell to the World” Lace Holy Card, French, Late 1800s - The Vintage Catholic

    "Farewell to the World” Lace Holy Card, French, Late 1800s


    This is a beautiful antique holy card dating from the late 1800s. The card is titled “L’Adieu au Monde” meaning “Farewell to the World” and it has several pages of images and prayers. Above the title on the first page a crown of roses floats beneath the words “My Wedding Basket” in French. The basket proves to be an intricately detailed image of the Tools of the Passion, known as the Arma Christi, with a Chalice and Host, as well as images of Christ’s Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

    The interior of the card has a long prayer in poem form titled “In Him I have Everything” and an image of a nun. The back page contains several prayers ending with a prayer to Our Lady.

    We believe this could be a card to mark a nun’s entrance into religious life. Upon taking her final vows she would renounce the world and become a Bride of Christ. It is a profoundly moving moment.

    Condition: There are a few light stains and a very small tear in the lace at the bottom left corner. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 5" tall x 3.25" wide


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  • 18th Century German Pewter Holy Water Font - The Vintage Catholic

    18th Century German Pewter Holy Water Font


    This is a remarkable antique holy water font for home devotions. It is an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding a young Christ surrounded by two praying figures. Although the fine details of the Madonna and Child have been worn away with extreme age, their sunburst halos are still striking.

    Condition: It has some dents, and we believe the loops once held a lid to the bowl. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 5.5” tall x 3” wide x 2" deep

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  • 1907 French Pocket Prayer Book with Ivorine Covers - The Vintage Catholic

    1907 French Pocket Prayer Book with Ivorine Covers


    This is a gorgeous antique Catholic prayer book. The full title is “Alleluia Nouveau Recueil de Prieres et de Pieux Exercices” or “Alleluia New Collection of Prayers and of Pious Exercises.” It includes daily prayers, the Holy Mass, several litanies, the Rosary, and the Stations of the Cross. The imprimatur is dated 1907.

    The covers are embossed with a beautiful decorative Host and Chalice. They are early celluloid, also known as Ivorine, and have a matching latch closure.


    Dimensions: 3.5” tall x 2.5” wide

    Item ID: B170407

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  • 1908 Communion Holy Water Font - The Vintage Catholic

    1908 Communion Holy Water Font


    This is a wonderful, large home font. The bowl and image of Christ are brass and are mounted on a wood background. The central image is of Christ giving communion to a kneeling woman. The artist used the flow of the figures’ hair and robes to draw the viewer’s eyes to the chalice and the host in Christ’s hands. This piece is developing a green patina, which nicely accentuates it character.

    The reverse has a dedication in French dated June, 1908.


    Dimensions: 12” tall x 6” wide x 2.5” deep

    Shipping: $15

    Item ID: HW151220


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  • 1917 WWI Catholic Prayer Book & 1942 WWII My Military Missal Set

    1917 WWI Catholic Prayer Book & 1942 WWII My Military Missal Set



    This is a deeply moving antique book find.  The set is two Catholic prayer books distributed to soldiers during WWI and WWII.

    Catholic Prayer Book

    The full title reads: “Catholic Prayer Book for the Army and Navy” followed by a cross. Beneath the cross is the Latin “Pro Deo Et Patria” or “ For God and Country”.  

    The book contains the Ordinary of the Mass in English with the Latin responses as well as many other prayers. Of particular note is the last series of prayers:

    Prayer for Victory

    Prayer for Peace

    Prayer for Our Enemies

    Prayer After Action

    Prayer Before Action

    Prayer for Those at Sea

    Prayer for Our Soldier Comrades

    Prayer for Unbelievers

    Prayer for a Good Death

    Prayer for the Dying

    and finally the Prayers for the Dead

    My Military Missal

    This missal was edited by Father Stedman and is dated 1942. It contains the Ordinary of the Mass in English, the Easter Sunday Mass, The Mass for the Dead, as well as a catechism review and many other prayers. The last page has a world mass clock for those unable to attend mass to unite their prayers anytime of the day. Also, the back cover is an embossed rosary. 

    It is easy to imagine the comfort these booklets brought to soldiers at war. Wonderful.

    Condition: The staples are slightly rusty but the pages are still tightly bound.

    Dimensions: Prayer Book - 5” tall x 3.25” wide and 64 pg; Missal - 4” tall x 2.75” wide and 128 pg

    Shipping: $5

    Item ID: B19015.24

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  • 1929 French Pocket Missal - The Vintage Catholic

    1929 French Pocket Missal


    This is a vintage, pocket-sized devotional book. The French title is “Petit Paroissien Romain Contenant L’Office Des Principales Fetes et Les Evangiles de Tous Les Dimaches” or “ The Little Roman Missal Containing the Major Feasts and Sunday Gospels.” The book is 254 pages and contains all a devout Catholic might need for daily practice: morning prayers, evening prayers, prayers at mass, ordinary of the mass, devotions for confession, holy communion, and much, much more.

    The book is bound in celluloid with a beautiful image of Christ giving holy communion on the cover and gilded page edges.


    Condition: The back cover has some discoloration. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 3.5” tall x 2.25” wide

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID:B160002

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  • 1929 Illustrated Leather French/Latin Missal - The Vintage Catholic

    1929 Illustrated Leather French/Latin Missal


    This rare vintage prayer book is in excellent condition. The full title is “Nouveau Missel Roman Pratique” and it contains many daily prayers, litanies, prayers for confession and communion, as well as the Mass in Latin with the propers for feast days and all Sundays. Every page of the missal is illustrated with polychrome art framing the text.

    The book is bound in soft, rich brown leather with gilded pages and decorative detailing. It has 448 illustrated pages and includes the original ribbon. The binding is still tight.

    Condition: There is a small puncture on the cover, and the leather is worn along the book's edges. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.25” x 1”


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  • 1938 "Simple Mass Prayers" for Children, 4 Copies - The Vintage Catholic

    1938 "Simple Mass Prayers" for Children, 4 Copies


    This is a set of vintage missals for children. As the title indicates, these are simple prayers to say during each point of the Mass. There is a diagram of the priest at the altar for each segment so the children can identify where they are in the Mass. The books begin with a wonderful discussion of the Mass entitled “To Boys and Girls Who Love the Mass”. Remarkable!

    Dimensions: 5.5” x 3.75”, 32 pages

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  • 1940s Syroco Sick Call / Last Rites Set - The Vintage Catholic

    1940s Syroco Sick Call / Last Rites Set


    This is a fantastic vintage sick call set for home visits by a priest. The Syroco crucifix is central and has been formed with beautiful scrollwork details that give this an elegant period feel. Two candleholders sit on either side to form a semi-circle. The set contains two tin plates, a holy water bottle, a spoon, a roll of cotton, and a linen in waxed paper. The box is lightweight cardboard with a faux wood effect.


    Condition: There are a few chips in the wood, and the box lid is fragile. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 8" tall x 8" wide x 1.5" deep

     Item ID: S161230

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  • 1943 WWII Christmas Prayer Card with World Mass Clock

    1943 WWII Christmas Prayer Card with World Mass Clock


    This is a wonderful vintage find. It is a Christmas card, New Year’s card, gift card, calendar, and world mass clock all in one. The front image shows soldiers located across the globe with a family standing respectfully on the right. The center is open to show an image of the world covered with a translucent Child Jesus.

    The front page reads:

    At the family hearth...or across the sea,

    This christmas we’ll united be…

    For being in one Christ our Brother,

    We cannot be separate one from another.

    “Merry Christmas”


    The front opens vertically to show the New Year card which reads:


    Your year of Nineteen-Forty-Three

    Is here enclosed … May it be

    A year so Blessed that you may say of it

    “A Saint’s Blessing was on everyday of it”


    This portion folds down to reveal a 1943 calendar with Saints’ days, Holy days, and Fasting days denoted.


    Behind the calendar is a free floating translucent sheet signed by the original giver. It reads:

    My Spiritual Gift to You is a Bouquet of Masses being offered for your happiness at the monastery of the Cloistered Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood… I have placed your name at the Crib, for Remembrances during the Octave of Masses: Christmas to New Year’s.


    Behind this sheet is a World Mass Clock with instructions and a beautiful prayer. This allowed the soldier to link his prayers in union with the Mass being said anywhere in the world.

    This card is in exceptional condition.

    Please Note: Only the month of December 1943 is left of the calendar.


    Dimensions: 6.25” x 4.25”

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: E180312

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  • 1944 My Sunday Missal Explained by Fr Stedman, Large type

    1944 My Sunday Missal Explained by Fr Stedman, Large type



    This is a wonderful small personal Latin/ English missal. It contains the ordinary of the mass in Latin and English followed by the propers for every Sunday of the year. 

    The book is bound in soft, black leather with gilded lettering.  It has three original page marking ribbons and comes with the original box. 


    Condition: There is a personal note in ink on the first page. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 5.5” tall x 3.5” wide

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: B2001.5

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  • 1946 St Andrew Daily Missal set

    1946 St Andrew Daily Missal set



    This is a beautiful collector’s set of pocket missals.  The liturgical year is divided into four books containing all the propers for daily mass. Each volume also contains the Order of the Mass in Latin and English as well as many additional prayers.

    Volume I -  “From the First Sunday in advent to Ash Wednesday”

    Volume II - “From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday”

    Volume III - “From Holy Saturday to the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost”

    Volume IV - “From the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost to Advent”

    Each book contains the following inscription: “To Jack Habeuer with sincere prayers for your perseverance, Fr. Zarek”.  

    The books are bound in rich, soft black leather with gilded pages. The copyright date is 1946 with a 1945 Imprimatur. 


    Dimensions: 5.5” x 3.75” x .5” each, box; 5.5” x 3.75” x 3”

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: B2004.20

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