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This website will be closing on Saturday 1/23/20. Any unused discounts will not transfer. This website will be closing on Saturday 1/23/20 and moving to Ruby Lane. Any unused discounts will not transfer.

Altar Items

Items perfect for home altars or prayer corners.
  • Large Mid-Century Crucifix with Ceramic Corpus

    Large Mid-Century Crucifix with Ceramic Corpus


    This is a lovely vintage crucifix. Christ is shown twisted with the pain of His Passion, his corpus slumping away from the nails of the cross. The suffering of Our Lord is clearly evident and deeply compelling. His sacrifice cannot be ignored.

    The wooden cross is simple and elegant with clean lines that help emphasize the impact of the corpus. Both the corpus and the “INRI” sign are hung by nails and can be removed.


    Condition: There are some chips in the finish. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 21.5” tall x 12.5” wide x 4.5” deep

    Shipping: Free



    Item ID: C161255


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  • Vintage Wall Crucifix

    Vintage Wall Crucifix


    This is an elegant vintage wall crucifix.  It is a simple wood cross with a highly detailed metal corpus.  Our Lord is shown sagging on the cross with His head lowered in pain and sorrow.  It is very moving.

    Dimensions: 12” tall x 6” wide

    Shipping: $15


    Item ID: C2004.3

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  • Home Altar Crucifix

    Home Altar Crucifix


    This is a wonderful vintage crucifix that would be the perfect centerpiece for a home altar.  It is a heavy cast metal corpus painted a subtle bronze. The cross stands above a three-tiered platform reminiscent of the steps before a high altar.  This piece is marked “Made in West Germany”.

    Condition: There is a wax stain on the reverse. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 12” tall x 4” wide and 3” deep

    Shipping: $15

    Item ID: C2003.3

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  • Crucifix Set with Mary and Joseph

    Crucifix Set with Mary and Joseph


    This is a unique and striking vintage crucifix set.  The centerpiece is a beautiful crucifix with figures of Mary and Joseph on either side. The crucifix and figures rest on an elegant platform with “Jesus Mary and Joseph, Pray for Us” written around a central ring, likely designed for a votive candle. The entire set is made of a syroco wood from Syracuse, NY

    Dimensions: 6.5” tall x 5” wide and 3.5” deep

    Shipping: $15

    Item ID: C20001.8

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  • Antique German Crucifix with Tools of the Passion

    Antique German Crucifix with Tools of the Passion


    This is a wonderfully detailed antique hand-carved crucifix. The cross is carved to look like rough hewn logs and seems to erupt from a patch of reeds growing on a mound of rocks. Above Christ’s head is the INRI, and beneath His feet are the skull & crossbones. Throughout the history of the Church, the skull & crossbones symbol has had several meanings: Christ’s victory over death, Christ as the New Adam crucified on Golgotha “the Place of the Skull”, and as a memento mori – a reminder of death and the Four Last Things.

    Behind the cross can be seen four of the tools associated with Our Lord’s Passion known as the Arma Christi:

    The Reed – which was mockingly placed in Jesus' hand as a scepter.
    The Ladder – used for the Deposition, i.e. the removal of Christ's body from the cross for burial.
    The Holy Lance – with which a Roman soldier inflicted the final of the Five Wounds in Jesus' side.
    The Holy Sponge – set on a reed, with which gall and vinegar were offered to Jesus.



    Condition: One arm of the skull & crossbones is missing. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: Crucifix – 17” tall x 7” wide; Base – 4.75” wide x 4” deep

    Shipping: $25


    Item ID: C161235
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  • Vintage Tabletop Wayside Crucifix

    Vintage Tabletop Wayside Crucifix


    This is an amazing vintage crucifix for home devotions. It is designed to look like the ancient wayside crosses still commonly found in the European countryside. There are two steps leading to a bench or altar at the foot of the cross. The crucifix and altar are sheltered under an A-framed roof with small rocks as roof snow guards. These crosses have been erected over the centuries as way-markers and as memorials. They were popular stopping points for rest and prayer used by travelers on pilgrimage.  

    The entire piece is hand-carved wood with a gray plastic corpus. 

    Dimensions: 8” tall on a 4” x 2.5” base

    Shipping: $15

    Item ID: C19012.5

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  • Crucifix Holy water Font with Angel

    Crucifix Holy water Font with Angel


    This is a stunning vintage holy water font. It is a highly detailed crucifix above a shell shaped font bowl. Our Lord is shown as very thin with His head falling forward. A sunburst radiates from behind Him while the Crown of Thorns encircles the cross.  There is a beautiful angel at His feet above the font bowl which is entwined with ivy leaves. Absolutely gorgeous!

    The crucifix is metal with a silvered finish against a vibrant red velvet background.


    Condition: This does need dusting and will clean up beautifully.

    Dimensions: 11.5” tall x 6” wide and 2” deep

    Item ID: HW19000.25


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  • Mid-Century Crucifix Last Rites Set - The Vintage Catholic

    Mid-Century Crucifix Last Rites Set


    This is a unique vintage last rites set for the home. It includes a beautiful, gold-painted corpus on a wood cross. The crucifix opens to reveal a box that contains all the items needed for the priest’s visit. This set contains a petite holy water bottle, two unused wax candles, a folded linen, and the original cotton. There are two candleholders and a slot for standing the crucifix upright, making this a complete home altar.

    Last Rites/Sick Call sets: These boxes are used in Catholic homes to store the items needed by a priest for the anointing of the sick and for extreme unction. The only items necessary for these rites are a crucifix, blessed candles, and holy water. However, many sets would often have had additional items such as cotton for the oil, a linen cloth, a spoon, a plate, and prayer books.


    Please note: There is a small scratch on the cross. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 12" tall x 6" wide x 1.5" deep

    Item ID: S181016 

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  • Antique Marble Crucifix from France - The Vintage Catholic

    Antique Marble Crucifix from France


    This is a lovely antique crucifix. It is quite elegant with a simple metal corpus on a magnificent marble cross. The marble is luminescent white with swirls of yellow brown, and the corpus and “INRI” have a burnished gold finish. Gorgeous.

    Dimensions: 7” tall x 4” wide

    Item ID: C180320

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  • Art Deco Crucifix - The Vintage Catholic

    Art Deco Crucifix


    This is an outstanding vintage crucifix. Our Lord is shown stretched tight against the cross with His head sagging forward and blood dripping from His wounds. The cross is a rich brown with a beautiful floral motif, and the corpus is painted ivory white.

    This is a very early faux wood product, similar to Barwood and Syroco Wood, dating to the first half of the century.

    Condition: The paint is chipped in a few spots. Please see pictures

    Dimensions: 11” tall x 6.5” wide


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  • Large Crucifix with Pope Pius XI Medal - The Vintage Catholic

    Large Crucifix with Pope Pius XI Medal


    This is a captivating vintage crucifix. Christ is shown with His head slightly lowered, eyes closed, and an expression of sorrowful resignation. A striking sunburst, representing Grace, radiates from behind the cross. The chalkware corpus is mounted on a wooden cross with a metal sunburst. Beneath Our Lord’s feet is a medal of Pope Pius XI surrounded by images of the four Roman basilicas.

    Pope Pius XI reigned from 1922-1936. He established the Feast of Christ the King in response to anti-clericalism and condemned racism in the encyclical “Humani Generis Unitas”, among other notable accomplishments.

    Condition: The plaster is chipped in some places. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 21.5” tall x 13” wide on a 7” x 3” base


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  • Vintage Mexican Crucifix - The Vintage Catholic

    Vintage Mexican Crucifix


    This is a unique crucifix handmade in Mexico. A print of the crucifixion sits under a magnificent metal overlay. With elaborate hand-pressed designs, the tin overlay is beautiful, particularly Our Lord’s sun burst halo.

    The tag at the base reads “Arte Manual, V.A.M., Torreon Coah. Mex.” indicating that this was hand made in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico.


    Condition: The underside of the right arm of the cross is chipped. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 31.75” tall x 23.75” wide x 1” deep

    Shipping: Free



    Item ID:C171028


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