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This website will be closing on Saturday 1/23/20. Any unused discounts will not transfer. This website will be closing on Saturday 1/23/20 and moving to Ruby Lane. Any unused discounts will not transfer.

Catholic Jewelry

Beautiful pieces of devotional jewelry.
  • Hand Painted Saint Luke Pendant

    Hand Painted Saint Luke Pendant


    This is a beautiful large icon pendant.  It is an image of Saint Luke painted on porcelain. Saint Luke is shown holding a stylus representing his contribution to the Gospels. He is wearing blue and green robes and bright halo.

    Dimensions: 2” tall x 1.25” wide

    Shipping: $5

    Item ID:J2004.32

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  • Sterling Pieta Pendant

    Sterling Pieta Pendant


    This is a beautiful vintage religious pendant.  It is an image of Michelangelo’s famous Pieta sculpture.  The Madonna is shown sitting with Christ’s limp body draped across her lap after having been brought down from the cross. Very moving.

    Condition: We were told this is 925 Sterling but it is unmarked.

    Dimensions: .75” tall x .5” wide

    Shipping: $5

    Item ID: J2003.15

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  • Antique Altar Boy Pin

    Antique Altar Boy Pin


    This is a wonderful antique religious pin. It is a tiny lapel pin indicating the honor of being chosen to serve at the side of the priest during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Imagine the young boy who wore this proudly!


    Condition: There is some enamel loss. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: .5”

    Shipping: $5



    Item ID:M19001-2

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  • Vintage Madonna Cameo Brooch or Pendant - The Vintage Catholic

    Vintage Madonna Cameo Brooch or Pendant


    This is a beautiful antique cameo in a unique setting. The cameo is a carved image of the Blessed Virgin Mary veiled, her head slightly bowed, with a magnificent radiant halo. The piece is made of hand-carved, pale pink shell in a deep setting with metal coil decorative detailing. Gorgeous.


    Condition: The coil has shifted in some places. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 1.5” long x 1” wide and .25” deep

    Shipping: Free


    Item ID: J180225

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  • Pearled Lucite Pectoral Crucifix - The Vintage Catholic

    Pearled Lucite Pectoral Crucifix


    This is a gorgeous vintage crucifix. The pearled Lucite cross serves as a radiant backdrop to the metal corpus and the trefoil end caps, which represent the Trinity. There is an INRI scroll above Our Lord, and a magnificently detailed halo behind His head. The reverse is marked “Germany.”

    Condition: The Lucite inlay is lifting off the base at one spot. This could be easily repaired. Please see pictures.



    Dimensions: 5” tall x 2.5” wide

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: C170731



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  • Virgin Mary Cameo - The Vintage Catholic

    Virgin Mary Cameo



    Virgin Mary Cameo


    This is a gorgeous vintage shell cameo that depicts the Madonna in profile. She is young and has a sweet, subtle expression of joyful anticipation. Her stunning halo resembles a flower and seems to erupt from behind her. Gorgeous!

    The setting is 800 silver. It is simple and elegant with one strand of braided silver around the circumference.


    Condition: There is a crack that can only be seen on the reverse and does not go completely through the shell. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 1.25" in diameter

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: J170940
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  • Antique Our Lady of the Rosary Cameo - The Vintage Catholic

    Antique Our Lady of the Rosary Cameo


    This is an magnificent antique cameo. It is a rendition of the famous Painting of Our Lady of the Rosary, also known as Our Lady of Pompeii. It shows the Blessed Virgin Mother sitting on a throne while holding Christ in her lap. A large halo with stars surrounds them. Two figures can be seen at the foot of the throne, each looking up with devotion. This is exceptional!

    The reverse of the cameo is signed by the artist, but it is not completely legible.


    Our Lady of the Rosary:

    The image shows the Blessed Virgin Mary holding a young Christ in her lap. Both have glorious crowns and are surrounded by a halo of stars. Christ and the Madonna are presenting rosaries to Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena. The original painting is associated with many miracles and can bee seen at the Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii, Italy (the modern city near the ancient ruins of Pompeii).

    Condition: There is a fine crack along one edge. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 1.5” tall x 1.25” wide

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  • Mother of Pearl Crucifix - The Vintage Catholic

    Mother of Pearl Crucifix


    This is an antique crucifix pendant. The corpus is silvered metal, which has developed a dark patina with age. The cross is hand-carved mother of pearl with a deep iridescent luster.

    Dimensions: 2” tall x 1” wide


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