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Vintage and Antique Catholic Printed Materials: Magazines, Booklets, Postcards, and more.
  • French Catechism Stamp Booklets, Set of Three

    French Catechism Stamp Booklets, Set of Three



    These are a wonderful set of vintage Catholic stamps or seals.   Each stamp is a unique scene intended to teach an aspect of the Catholic faith.  

    We offer three booklets: 

    #2 - The Commandments of God; The Seven Sacraments; The Mass

    #3 - The Mysteries of the Rosary; The Stations of the Cross

    #4 - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit; The Corporal Works of Mercy; The Spiritual Works of Mercy; The Beatitudes

    Dimensions: Stamps - 2” x 1.5” each; Books - 4” x 6”

    Shipping: $5

    Item ID: E19004.15

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  • 1943 WWII Christmas Prayer Card with World Mass Clock

    1943 WWII Christmas Prayer Card with World Mass Clock


    This is a wonderful vintage find. It is a Christmas card, New Year’s card, gift card, calendar, and world mass clock all in one. The front image shows soldiers located across the globe with a family standing respectfully on the right. The center is open to show an image of the world covered with a translucent Child Jesus.

    The front page reads:

    At the family hearth...or across the sea,

    This christmas we’ll united be…

    For being in one Christ our Brother,

    We cannot be separate one from another.

    “Merry Christmas”


    The front opens vertically to show the New Year card which reads:


    Your year of Nineteen-Forty-Three

    Is here enclosed … May it be

    A year so Blessed that you may say of it

    “A Saint’s Blessing was on everyday of it”


    This portion folds down to reveal a 1943 calendar with Saints’ days, Holy days, and Fasting days denoted.


    Behind the calendar is a free floating translucent sheet signed by the original giver. It reads:

    My Spiritual Gift to You is a Bouquet of Masses being offered for your happiness at the monastery of the Cloistered Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood… I have placed your name at the Crib, for Remembrances during the Octave of Masses: Christmas to New Year’s.


    Behind this sheet is a World Mass Clock with instructions and a beautiful prayer. This allowed the soldier to link his prayers in union with the Mass being said anywhere in the world.

    This card is in exceptional condition.

    Please Note: Only the month of December 1943 is left of the calendar.


    Dimensions: 6.25” x 4.25”

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: E180312

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  • French Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy Card

    French Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy Card


    This is a stunning antique holy card. It is an image of Christ pointing to His Sacred Heart. His Heart is shown radiating light, wrapped in thorns, and crowned in flames. Our Lord is wearing red robes and a simple but elegant halo. “S. Cor Jesu” or “Sacred Heart of Jesus” is written in French beneath the image.

    The card's colors are still rich and vibrant with shimmering metallic gold details.


    Condition: There is some light foxing. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 3.5” tall x 2.25” wide

    Item ID: E19001-2

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  • Antique Easter Blessings Lace Holy Card - The Vintage Catholic

    Antique Easter Blessings Lace Holy Card



    This is a beautiful antique Easter card. The central image is a lithograph of the three empty crosses on Golgotha. Beneath the hill is Christ laid out in the tomb while a smaller image on the side shows Our Lord Resurrected.

    The caption reads “I am the Resurrection and the Life. He that believeth in me although he be dead, shall live” and “ All Easter Blessings be yours”. Beautiful.


    Condition: The lace is torn in a few spots. Please See Pictures.

    Dimensions: 4.75” tall x 3” wide

    Item ID: E181003

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  • Miracles of Christ Postcards by Domenico Mastroianni, 1911 - The Vintage Catholic

    Miracles of Christ Postcards by Domenico Mastroianni, 1911


    This rare set of antique religious postcards by the famous Italian sculptor Domenico Mastroianni consists of 8 unused cards that depict various scenes from Our Lord’s life including 6 of His miracles. The clay sculptures shown in each scene are amazingly realistic vignettes, and they capture the exquisite detail for which the artist was renowned.


    These postcards were part of Mastroianni’s “Life of Christ” series and are now very rare. Each sculpture is signed by the artist, and each postcard is marked by the printing house A. Noyer of Paris.


    Domenico Mastroianni (1876-1962) was a self-taught Italian artist who developed an amazing capacity to quickly model scenes in clay, photograph them, and then destroy each one before beginning another. He produced thousands of images, mostly reproduced as postcards or decorative prints. His subjects were deeply researched and generally religious, literary, or historical in nature. He called his technique sculptochromie, photo-sculptures, or sculptogravures.  



    Dimensions: 5.5” long x 3.5” wide

    Shipping: $5


    Item ID: E160226 

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  • Blessing of Saint Francis Keepsake - The Vintage Catholic

    Blessing of Saint Francis Keepsake


    This is a wonderful, vintage religious keepsake. The prayer card is set on an embellished paper background with beautifully embroidered edges and a sweet pink ribbon. The card is encased in plastic and is still attached to the original gift card backing. The prayer reads:

    “Blessing of St. Francis

    The Lord bless thee and keep thee.

    The Lord show His face to thee and have mercy on thee.

    The Lord turn His countenance to thee and give thee peace. Amen.”

    The back has a handwritten note in ink: “Speedy Recovery. Aug. 6, 1960. Best Wishes Always, Sonya”.



    Dimensions: 2.5" square

    Item ID: RM170001

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  • Scenes of Christ on Embossed Paper, Set of 3 - The Vintage Catholic

    Scenes of Christ on Embossed Paper, Set of 3


    This is a remarkable set of antique sacred art prints. Each piece is a polychrome lithograph framed by an elaborate embossed paper arch. The images are Saint Joseph & Christ; a young Jesus; and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

    The first image is a youthful Jesus. He is shown in a setting full of Catholic symbolism. Our Lord has a cross leaning on His shoulder with a crown of thorns hanging from the top. There is a large chalice at the foot of the cross wrapped in grapevine. To one side of Our Lord is a rock, symbolizing Golgotha, with three nails. In the background are large plantings of grapes and wheat, symbolizing the Eucharist. Magnificent!

    The second image is of Saint Joseph holding a young Christ in his lap. The two are holding hands while Jesus holds a spray of lilies in one arm, the symbol for purity, often associated with Saint Joseph.

    The third image is Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque kneeling before Christ. He is shown pointing to His Sacred Heart. His hands are dripping blood and light is radiating from His heart and His hands. This is a representation of her vision when Christ instructed her in the devotion to His Sacred Heart.

    The rich colors of each print are enhanced by the gold painted arch frame. The paper is quite thick, almost cardboard, and is deeply embossed.


    Condition: Some of the topmost points are missing from the arches. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 15" tall x 9" wide; Prints - 7.25" tall x 3.75" wide

    Item ID: E170921


    Shipping : $15

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  • Lace Canivet Holy Card, French - The Vintage Catholic

    Lace Canivet Holy Card, French


    This is an amazing antique holy card from France. The central image is a young Christ holding grapes in one hand and wheat in the other, representing the Eucharist. The caption reads in French “Je viens a vous les mains pleines de graces”, meaning “I come to you with hands full of Graces”. The reverse contains a long prayer in French.

    The most striking aspect of this card is the delicate lacing. It is intricate and quite elaborate.

    Condition: Some of the lace is missing along the top left edge and to the left of the image. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 4.5" tall x 2.75" wide


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  • First Communion Prayer Card: Counsels of Mary - The Vintage Catholic

    First Communion Prayer Card: Counsels of Mary


    This is an antique holy card keepsake. On the front is an image of Our Lady embracing a young child while both are standing before an altar. On the altar, the Holy Sacrament, radiating light, floats above a large chalice.

    Beneath the altar, printed in French, Spanish, and Italian, is the prayer, “O Mary under your protection I place my hopes of Holy Perseverance”. This prayer is also included on the reverse, in English, along with this beautiful advice:

    “My dear child, the greatest and holiest, the most important and most sacred day of your whole life is that of your first communion. Jesus Christ will then descend into your heart, and bring therein all the treasures of His grace, the influence of which, should ever afterwards regulate your life. Pray then to Our Lord to make you comprehend the importance of this great action. Prepare yourself for a long time previous to the happy day: confess with sorrow your sins, have great confidence in the goodness of God, and be assured your heart will find peace. Go with purity and love, to receive the Bread of Angels, which is the pledge of Eternal felicity.”

    Dimensions: 4.5" tall x 3" wide

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  • Silk-Embroidered Sacramental Gift Set - The Vintage Catholic

    Silk-Embroidered Sacramental Gift Set


    This is a beautiful set of vintage sacramentals for personal devotions. The card comes with three silk sacramentals with elaborate embroidered detailing. The largest is a hand painted image of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart with a small Miraculous Medal attached. The other two are smaller: one in the shape of a heart and the other a diamond. They have never been used and are still attached to the original card. These are absolutely beautiful!

    Dimensions: Sacred Heart - 2.5" tall x 1.5" wide; Others - 1.5" square; Card - 4.5" tall x 3" wide


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  • First Communion Lace Prayer Card, French - The Vintage Catholic

    First Communion Lace Prayer Card, French


    This is a lovely keepsake holy card. On the front is an image of a young boy carrying a traditional long candle. Beneath the image it reads: “Souvenir of First Communion”. The card has intricate lacing and embossing, and in the background are a magnificent church altar and windows.

    Printed on the reverse is this beautiful prayer:

    Souvenir of My First Communion

    Thou art mine oh my Saviour! Thou knowest that I love thee: that I desire to love thee always. Oh thou that I so desired to possess, Oh grant that each day of my life, may resemble that of my first Communion. Amen.

    There is a name written in pencil beneath the prayer, but no date.


    Condition: The lace is torn in a few spots. Please see pictures.

    Dimensions: 4.5" tall x 3" wide

    Shipping: $5



    Item ID: E170401

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  • St. Mary’s Union Certificate of Membership, American, 1888 - The Vintage Catholic

    St. Mary’s Union Certificate of Membership, American, 1888


    This is a unique prayer card that also serves as a certificate of membership in St. Mary’s Union. The front of the card shows an engraving of the Blessed Virgin Mary embracing a young child. The child is holding a lily, the symbol for purity, while a lamb walks beside them. The caption reads “Our Protectress”.

    The year 1888 is written in pencil on the reverse, which also contains information about St. Mary’s Union: object of the union, spiritual benefits, and membership.

    Dimensions: 4.75" tall x 3.25" wide

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